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Talia Laurito


Talia Laurito found a passion for fitness, health and wellness at

a young age. Having competitively danced since age 6, her love

for health and wellness has been a large part of her life. Talia

continued to deepen her commitment to movement by studying

dance at Rhode Island College. Following graduation, she took

her dance experience further by earning a spot on the

New England Patriots Cheerleading team.


Her involvement in sports and an active lifestyle gave her the

knowledge and importance of taking care of her body. She began

educating herself on proper strength and conditioning techniques

as well as stretching methods. She was fortunate to train under

some of the leading trainers in the country and continues to

benefit from her learnings.


In 2015, Talia realized that she wanted to take a leap and turn her

focus to helping others find their own focus and motivation to

obtain their personal goals. She received her certification in

personal training as well as health and nutrition conditioning.

Five years later, she is dedicated to transforming her client’s

daily health, mental and wellness habits as well as providing a

positive plan for diet and mindfulness. She likes to think of her

services as both in and outside of the studio and wants individuals

to understand the power each person has for creating change for themselves.


Knowing that not every body is alike, Talia creates a unique and

challenging program specifically for each client. Whether they are

looking to simply get active or completely change their lifestyle

and routine, Talia's knowledge and professionalism get each

client to where they want to be.



  • Weight-loss

  • Mindfulness

  • Strength training

  • Body conditioning

  • Lifestyle transformations

  • Health and nutrition education