Founder and CEO

At MoveStudios, we believe that the keys to moving to your full potential are: sustainability, consistency, and progression. 

There is no weight more important than the weight lifted off your shoulders.


Exercise is more than aesthetics.

Drew LaCombe

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Founder and CEO

Drew LaCombe has been helping clients move to their full potential for

over a decade. His first-hand training experience, complemented by his

textbook knowledge, has allowed him to discover that while certain

exercises are very effective for some, they are not always ideal for everyone.


Drew has gained great interest in the power of the mind, not just the

aesthetics of the functioning body. He uses this extensive knowledge to

work with each client on a specific fitness program tailored to meet their

personal goals. His clients’ goals have ranged from general weight loss,

increased mobility to overall strength or mental health improvement.


His real-life experience has taught him to focus mainly on functional

strength while incorporating his “movement over muscle” approach.

Drew’s work, and continued interest, in both short and long-distance

running has translated into helping his athletes and clients improve

overall functional strength and inevitably become stronger runners.


Drew’s initial interest in private training came through several challenging

life experiences which led him to question how and why the body works

the way it does through movement. Having been a lifelong athlete,

he started to further explore and gain comprehension of the fitness and

personal performance industry in college.


  • Functional Movements

  • Increased Muscular Strength

  • Mobility / Stability

  • Post-Rehabilitation

  • Prenatal / Postnatal 

  • Running Specific Strength

  • Senior Fitness

  • TRX Suspension

  • Weight Loss