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Healthy Tip: Meal prep!

Food is the fuel our bodies need to perform during our workouts and throughout the day. Fueling our body with whole foods filled with nutrients will make sure that we can do that last push-up or that last .1 mile sprint at the end of a long run workout. When we get hungry it can be hard to wait to cook up nutritious meals. When we are on the run between work and other activities and can be hard to access the fuel our body needs. Try preparing healthy meals and snacks for the week so you always have the fuel you need at your fingertips! 


Pyramid Workout:

10 burpees 

10 sumo squats 

10 push-ups 

10 mountain climbers

10 crunches 

10 squats 

10 v-ups  

Repeat each round subtracting 1 rep from each exercise, Once you do a round of 1 of each, begin adding back 1 rep per round until you get back to 10. 

Positive Vibes:

You’ve survived 100% of your worst days. 

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