It's that time of year!

Healthy Tip!

While the 2020 holiday season will certainly look different than years past, this time of year can be a challenge with all of the sweet treats and holiday festivities. ENJOY THEM! We work on our goals year round and we strive to make progress every day. Enjoying some holiday treats and a festive beverage or two is not going to derail all the gains you’ve made this year. Life is all about balance. Enjoy that dessert guilt free. Get workouts out in where you can. If they need to be modified to balance all the demands of this time of year, it is what it is!



10 jumping jacks

10 burpees

10 mountain climbers

10 jump lunges

Repeat 2 times

For time:

100 body weight squats

50 crunches

25 pushups

Repeat 3 times

Postive Vibes:

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

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