MoveStudios is adding more Signature Classes to the schedule!

Fall into fitness this Saturday. 67 and sunny sounds perfect to us. Head over to our website to book your Signature Class. We love our community and are happy to offer more options to get everyone MOV'N.


Start your day with a healthy routine. Little steps in the morning can lead to all day benefits!

Begin with a little stretching in bed to help you get your blood and lymphatic systems flowing.


#1 - 5 rounds for time

50 jumping jacks

45 squats

40 mountain climbers

35 jump lunges

30 burpees

25 jumping jacks

20 pushups

15 burpees

10 crunches

#2 - 3 min AMRAP

10 skater jumps

10 squat jumps

10 burpees

#3 - 1 min plank to finish!


Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what will go right.

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